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Cancelled January 7th game recheduled game TBD Saturday January the ? I hope.

Once again something stands between me and running this scenario... Due to events beyond my control, and the social conventions attached to...

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Photos from 8 April Vice Alley Game:

Ally: Peter Warren
Brawl     3 d 6
Shoot     ***
Dodge    3 d 6
Might     1 d 6
Finesse 1 d 6
Cunning 1 d 6
Animal [1, LP] Applied to skills.
Speedy [1]: You may run up to 16” instead of 12”. Any move over 6” counts as running.
Pistol Whip: (no amo) Brawl is never lowered below 1d. Can’t score more than 2 hits.
Health:       d6    Down    Out

Sample of new card format for PA above.

SIS League joined by Peter Warren far right.  Easter Flavour!

Peter Warren joins the SIS League as the sun rises on Easter!

SIS League advancing on a house
"Hands up Doc"

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