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Cancelled January 7th game recheduled game TBD Saturday January the ? I hope.

Once again something stands between me and running this scenario... Due to events beyond my control, and the social conventions attached to...

Mission Statement

This blog is our attempt to have an internet gathering spot for organizing and discussing our varied gaming interests as they relate to our club. Like most gaming clubs we are a diverse group of gamers who play a variety of games. We meet at least once a month in the City of Ottawa. While we are always keeping an eye out for a place that we can regularly meet up, as our name implies we do not currently have a single fixed location to play our games. As such this Blog site acts as a place to discuss and plan upcoming event, to post reports on games played, and as a place of first contact for anyone interested in our gaming activities. Instead members take turns hosting gaming event.

We primarily play table top games using painted metal and plastic figures. Our interests are as varied as our membership, ranging across the whole gamut of miniature gaming. We also meet to play board games, and should time permit we hope to also resume the playing of pen and paper role playing games.

We have two primary locations for our miniature games and the potential for a variety of locations for our other games. We are an informal association of more or less like minded individuals, we each bring something to the gaming table, be that actual games/figure, or gaming ability. Nothing is owned by the league not even this site!

As we are individuals we each have our different perspectives, different specialization, different ideas but with this site we can hopefully bring all these individual aspects together to create a greater whole.

This place will also be our place to exchange ideas, to help and encourage each other, to show off our club games and events, to post our modeling and painting accomplishments, and to plan out our gaming enterprises. It is to be a place of positive interactions, a place to freely exchange ideas, to further our passion for gaming. While we may post the results for games that we play, this site is really not about winning or losing, just about playing games, working on out hobby and having fun!
Posts must be informative and/or entertaining, be it about the hobby or informing members of upcoming games. In keeping with the idea that we are discussing our hobby this site should never become work more a labour of love... 

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